The wait is over, and techies are finally able to start buying the Apple Watch – sometimes called the iWatch – and put it to use for themselves. The watch is everything we expected from Apple – sleek, comfortable, stylish, and filled with features.

Those features can of course become a bit overwhelming when you first unbox the watch. After all, with so much room for personalization and performance it's easy to be at a loss for just where to start. Luckily, we've checked out the Apple Watch for ourselves and so have plenty of others. Here's a quick look at five of the favorite features users are discovering with the watch. Many of these are, naturally, nothing more than apps – but they're the features that help this watch stand out as a must have for many.

1. Fitness Tracking – Fitness bracelets have become popular over the last few years, and help those who are trying to get healthy figure out just how well they're doing. But the Apple Watch replaces and enhances those fitness trackers completely. It includes a heart rate sensor and numerous apps that help keep track of what you've done. You'll even get badges as a reward for reaching goals – something that helps add incentive to those who need it most.

2. Remote Control Functionality – The days of losing the remote and struggling to find it are gone. With the Apple Watch you can replace all of your devices. Everything from your garage door to your Apple TV to your iTunes folder playing on your home radio can help you gain better control over everything in your life. It's a feature we love, and one that you'll likely feel the same way about.

3. Siri – We can't leave Siri off the list. Siri makes everything in your life simpler to control. From asking her a question to having her remember different events that are coming up in your life, this is the personal assistant that everyone can have and keep with them wherever they go. She's easy to use, acts just like she does on the phone, and provide plenty of convenience to you throughout your day.

4.The Digital Crown – The Digital Crown is nothing more than a knob on the side of the watch, and it may not seem like much of a feature. But the reality is that it is the key thing that helps set the Apple Watch apart in our opinion – it makes it much easier to use the watch. Most smartwatches are fairly hard to control due to their smaller display areas, and those with thicker fingers can really struggle. Luckily, the Digital Crown makes it simple to control the phone as it acts like a home button and lets you zoom in and scroll through options on the screen.

5. Apps – While some of the items in the list above are essentially apps, the fact is that Apple is known for its appstore and the robust selection of apps offered in it. The Apple iWatch is no different, and unlike many of the other smartwatches on the market today the Apple Watch will support full, real apps just like those you would expect on a phone.

These are just five of the standout features that have helped us appreciate the Apple Watch as yet another home run for the tech giant. Of course, you'll want to make certain that you take care of your watch and protect it completely. To help with that, check out our selection of screen protectors designed specifically for the Apple Watch. They'll keep your investment safe and working the way it should for years to come.