ENHANCE Screen Protector for Apple iPhone 6, 7, 8 - Anti-Radiation - 1-Pack

HD Clear Ballistic Glass Screen Protector for Apple iPhone 7 / iPhone 8 / iPhone 6/6s [1-Pack]

ENHANCE Screen Protector for Apple iPhone 6, 7, 8 - Anti-Radiation - 1-Pack

Compatible With:
iPhone 6/6s, iPhone 7, iPhone 8
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Designed for Apple Iphone X
  • ANTI-RADIATION SHIELDING Powered by CLEARTM Technology, our Anti-Radiation Screen Protectors place a barrier directly between the RF emission source and your head and brain. Radiation is redirected away through the rear of the device.
  • Tech Armor ENHANCE Screen Protectors provide the same maximum clarity, touchscreen accuracy, and iPhone display protection as our flagship Ballistic Glass screens with an added layer of anti-radiation technology.
  • IMPROVED SIGNAL STRENGTH By concentrating the radiation signal out and away from your iPhone, a stronger cellular connection is achieved. Tests have confirmed clearer calls and faster data downloads using ENHANCE screen protectors.
Designed for Apple Iphone X
  • LONGER BATTERY LIFE A stronger cell signal is less taxing on your device allowing your battery to last longer when traveling through low-signal areas. When using Tech Armor ENHANCE in these areas, your battery could last up to 40% longer.
  • KEY FEATURESThe screen protector only covers the flat surface reducing the risk of bubbles. It does feature however the branded Tech Armor anti-fingerprints, anti-smudging coating, together with the anti-scratch technology.
Designed for Apple Iphone X
  • DESIGNED FOR APPLE IPHONE 6, 7 OR 8 When it comes to protecting your new iPhone, you need our ultra thin, ultra tough, ultra clear Ballistic Glass screen protector in the highest grade Japanese Asahi glass.
  • The polished 2.5D edge of the screen protector reduces chipping. It is also provided with a strong, rainbow-free adhesive that clings to your display seamlessly for a bubble-free installation.

This iPhone glass screen protector matches most cases on the market and will not interfere with the new iPhone design upgrades, sensors, and functionality upgrades. Perfect for the family's new iPhones, the Ballistic Glass screen protector comes with an excellent price offer, free shipping, and our Lifetime Replacement Warranty.

Designed for Apple Iphone X

The Tech Armor Apple iPhone 6, 7, 8 Screen Protector comes with an affordable price, free shipping and the Tech Armor Lifetime Replacement Warranty.

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"Interestingly, in one spot where we consistently had two bars of service, the iPhone X with Enhance did show significant signal improvement of three or four bars." - Digital Trends

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